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Improved accuracy and decreased wastage after the workplace literacy and numeracy programme

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The client

Tasti Products is a privately owned food manufacturer based in West Auckland, who supplies nutritional snack bars to Australian and New Zealand supermarkets.  In the past 10 years the company has grown significantly and staff numbers have tripled.

The challenge

Rapid growth, technological changes and increased compliance requirements have made employees' work more complex.  Bimonthly supplier audits add to this pressure.

The company's human resources manager first became aware of low literacy skills among Tasti Products' workforce when she noticed employees:

  • Failing to fully complete compliance documents
  • Appearing confused during in-house quality training
  • Failing to follow written instructions
  • Struggling to correctly weigh ingredients.

Practical, sustainable solutions

Workbase developed a literacy and numeracy training programme based on what was most useful for Tasti Products as a business.  Priorities therefore included:

  • Effective problem solving
  • Interpreting data (e.g. checking for defects)
  • Reading and numeracy skills (e.g. reading ingredient charts, weighing ingredients, reading labels, etc.)
  • Accurate documentation (particularly standard operating procedures for machinery, health and safety, and the Good Manufacturing Practice Guide)

Nineteen employees attended an hour of training a week over a six-month period. Training took place during work hours, so as to encourage full attendance and demonstrate the company's commitment to employee development.

Great results

Within six months Tasti Products had noticed a range of improvements, including:

  • More than 30% increase in accurately completed documentation
  • More than 30% improvement in training assessment results
  • Wastage rates dropping from 2.8 to 1.8%
  • Employees can now do simple calculations quickly and easily without resorting to a calculator.
  • Zero turnover amongst the course participants, enabling Tasti Products to give them more responsibility (thus aiding their careers and job satisfaction)
  • Overall employee churn dropping by 5.2%

Accuracy of completed documentation and training assessment results have improved by at least 30%. We’ve seen greater productivity through decreasing wastage. In 2009 our wastage rate was 2.8%. In 2010 it dropped to 1.8%.

Janey Tiernan

Human Resources Advisor

Tasti Products

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