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Join An Online Fitness Body Transformation Challenge To Lose Weight Quickly

The fantastic Venus 6 week body transformation programme is an effective and comprehensive fitness programme that has been especially designed for you keeping in mind your customized nutrition plan and your present fitness level.

The online body transformation programme entails a number of comprehensive and effective body workouts accompanied by numerous high-intensity cardio workouts for muscle toning and fat burning.

In addition to this, every 6-week body transformation programme offers personalized and specially formulated diet plan for you according to your height, weight, age, present fitness levels, and current activity.

Don’ts to Avoid Failure

6 Tips to Achieve Fast Fat Loss

• Don’t consume junk food. You must stay away from carbonated or alcoholic drinks. It is a good idea to avoid outside food and has home-made food instead. Do not think of non-authorised food items and be determined not to give in to any kind of temptation. You must have a strong will power to achieve your target by sticking strictly to the diet programme.

• Don’t eat only one meal every day as you would end up not losing any weight.

• Don’t look for excuses for missing the outdoor fitness classes.

• Don’t ever lose your dedication, passion or determination. Stay committed to the cause and achieve your fitness targets no matter what.

• Don’t indulge in late nights and boozing. It is best to go to bed early so that you are able to get enough sleep and adequate rest. Focus on relaxing and rejuvenating. You should wake up fully refreshed and invigorated to face the challenging task the next day.

• Don’t roam about with or interact with people who are negative and not inspiring. You must be in touch with people who are supportive and encouraging. Connect with people who inspire and motivate you to achieve your body transformation goals. Stay away from people who discourage and demoralize you.

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Dos for Achieving Your Goals

• You must be dedicated and determined to achieve success. You must always attend the outdoor sessions. You have complete and unrestricted access to outdoor sessions in all locations, six days every week across Sydney.

• Always follow the customized nutrition plan which prescribes eating once a day to lose weight. The personalized nutrition programme has been especially designed for you by a professional nutritionist taking into consideration your specific requirements. You must always eat right and follow all the dictates of the nutrition plan. Consume only those food items that would help you gain energy to withstand the strenuous and difficult challenge. You need to stay clear of junk food and choose healthy alternatives. Stick to natural foods and drink plenty of fluids and water and remain hydrated at all times.

• You must be in touch with your trainer or body transformation coach via emails or by attending weekly nutrition assessments. This is best for staying motivated and accountable.

• It is a good idea to join the Facebook body transformation group. This is a closed group consisting of like-minded people. You could communicate and interact with people who have similar issues. This could be really motivating and inspiring.

• If there are times when you cannot go for outdoor fitness sessions, you must make it a point to browse through the online library. It is a good idea to explore the extensive library and identify some high-intensity exercises that you could try out on your own at home.

• You must be determined and focussed. You must put in your 100 percent hard work and dedication to come out victorious in the 6-week body transformation programme. Include cross training, BoxFit, warrior workouts and Yoga. Perseverance and patience would result in positive outcomes in the 6 week body transformation programme