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Fitness Marketing Course Teaches Social Media Advertising

When becoming a certifed personal trainer keep in mind that summer is the ideal time for you to consider training clients outdoors. They would love the wonderful warm weather and the bright sunshine. However, training outdoors go much beyond enjoying the sun or the warm breeze.

Personal trainer courses have often stressed the need to break the monotony and indulge in training outdoors as this is beneficial both physiologically and psychologically. PT courses insist on training amidst the beauty and serenity of nature as it enhances your mood and brings down levels of tension, anxiety, and stress.

Consider the Benefits of Training Clients Outdoors

You must convince your clients that the advantages of training outdoors are plenty.

  • Research has revealed that one can torch up to 30 per cent more calories by training amidst nature.
  • Post exercise endorphins show higher levels
  • Rejuvenating fresh air helps to boost alertness and reduce stress or anxiety hence, resting heart rate is lowered.
  • Sunlight helps to boost vitamin D that makes your bones strong and promotes calcium absorption
  • A wide variety of exercises could be performed which is not always possible in a gym

Some Easy Ways to Train Outside

There are numerous ways to take your clients and train in natures lap. A most convenient way is to include a short run during your usual circuit routine. Once circuit is done go for a high intensity wind sprint.

The heart rate is usually lower when a trainee runs outside as the body encounters less stress than while running on a tread mill indoors, at precisely the same speed.

Effective Workout at Parks,

You could take your weight loss clients for a run downtown or through a park. This high intensity activity would definitely serve as a good cardio. Your clients would definitely welcome and appreciate the change from monotonous training routine and they may request you for more such adventure and fun.

Use the monkey bars at the park as dip bars or pull-up bars for an excellent upper body as well as core routine. Consider adding some sets of push-ups, lunges, body-weight squats for a super effective outdoor circuit.

Social media courses for personal trainers show you how to market yourself online with new cutting edge tools that will quickly grow your fitness business.

Excellent Exercise at Hiking Trails, Beach or Even Parking Lot

Consider using hiking trails as they prove to be excellent training tools. Your clients would benefit a lot from the challenging workout as they would encounter hills and valleys on the trail. You could even consider making your client perform a set of prolonged walking lunges at the gym parking lot or even the sidewalk close by.

Sand and water at the beach, serve as brilliant training aids. You could enjoy an intense workout by running on sand and in water as it does wonders to your calves and definitely adds resistance.

Some Other Important Things to Consider

Fitness trainer marketing certification courses emphasize the need to exercise outdoor occasionally, to break the monotony and enjoy the benefits of exercising amidst the stimulating natural beauty. You must check weather forecast before you step out for an outdoor session. Ask your clients to wear proper clothes suitable for outdoor training.

This also gives you an opportunity for soft marketing and you could flaunt your gym bag or clip board by placing it strategically on a bench so that everyone can see it. Training outside conveys to your clients your competent ways and professional approach.