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Learn How To Build Muscle With a Dubai Fitness Course

How to Build Muscle?

Well-built muscles give your body that lean and toned look that’s guaranteed to turn heads! No wonder, building muscles tops the list of priorities of most Dubai fitness enthusiasts. A certified and experienced Dubai personal trainer can help you select the right way to build good muscles safely. It will include a regimen of workouts and diet plans suitable for your present physical condition and fitness goals.


Regular exercise is the bedrock on which good muscles are built. Speak to your personal trainer so that he can select workouts specifically beneficial for building muscles.. If you live in Dubai, then you may like the page hyperlinked above.

Target the Larger Muscles
It’s time to target the larger muscle groups of your body if you have already been exercising for some time and lifting weights.. Working on these muscles such as the hips; chest; legs and back means you are targeting multiple smaller muscles for comprehensive growth. It is when all the muscles develop properly that you can gain that sculpted look that is much envied.

Avoid Fitness Plateaus

Avoid hitting a fitness plateau wherein you do not gain much muscle mass and your body reaches a static state. This happens when you are doing the same workouts for months and your body becomes adjusted to it. Your personal trainer will definitely keep this in mind and will alternate workouts accordingly. This means you will do different workouts on different days so that you body is always pushed more to complete the sets.

You may also want to gradually increase the weights you are lifting. This again adds additional strain and your muscles work extra hard to keep up. All this stimulates muscle growth and cuts down on the accumulation of flab. A regularly scheduled fitness course may be an option as well.

Take Adequate Rest

Working out like mad without a proper rest plan is nothing but disaster for your muscle building ambitions. Extreme workout puts great strain on your muscles and wears them out quickly. Rest adequately to avoid undoing all that hard work. Sleep for at least eight to ten hours a day and take a break from exercising every two days or alternate days.

Remain Committed

Consistency is crucial to gaining muscles as this does not happen overnight. Initially it may be difficult but you have to stay focused and motivated to see the results. Also, once you have gained the muscles you must continue with a fitness schedule to maintain your sculpted body.


Eating right is another important component of your strategy to build and sustain muscles. Include more protein rich food such as lean meat; eggs; nuts or low-fat cheese in your regular meals. Take protein shakes before your workouts to see better results.

Proteins are the building blocks that help muscles grow and develop adequately. More healthy muscles make your body burn fat at a faster pace so that you accumulate less fat.

Remember to eat a hearty nutritious meal every three hours. This will not only help to build more muscles but also prevent snacking in-between meals which can make you gain flab. Also healthy meals are absolutely essential if you want to sustain those beautiful muscles built painstakingly over months. Follow a comprehensive diet plan for all meals and avoid alcohol, smoking or fast food.