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Personal Trainer Shares The Importance of Belief for Weight Loss

Experts at most personal training centres believe that weight loss is as much a mental battle as a physical one.

Weight gain is primarily caused by a lack of exercise or eating too much or both. In some cases, age, genetics, hormonal imbalances and other factors can also play a significant role.

Psychological Factors Experts at DF personal training have pointed out that psychological factors play a huge role in how much weight you can gain or lose. Your body weight is determined not only by what you do or don’t do, it is also determined by your belief that the steps you are taking are also important. LEVEL 1 & 2 KETTLEBELL CERTIFICATION

When overweight or obese people realise that they need to lose their excess weight, they also try to change their behavior and beliefs about food intake and exercise. Otherwise, the weight loss won’t be possible.

Self-Belief First of all, those who are trying to lose weight have to believe that they can lose weight and that fat busting is possible, even if it takes time. Everybody does not have the same body structure, physical constitution, metabolic rate or hormonal profile.

That is why, different people take different amounts of time to lose similar amounts of fat.

When undertaking your certificate 3 in fitness qualification, make sure you enrol in a course that dives deep into nutrition so that you understand the fundamentals.

Taking on new personal training clients without having a good understanding of how to get your client great results through optimum eating is pointless!

Exercise is also key, choose and exerciser program that you will enjoy and that you will stick to! Finmd something fun that does not feel like a ‘work’out.

Personally I love training with kettlebells. They’re fun, easy to transport and fairly easy to use. But, like anything – make sure you undertake a course showing you how to use kettlebells correctly. I enrolled in the Dangerously Fit Academy kettlebell course and loved every minute of it!

Becoming a fitness trainer is a rewarding career that will fullfill you like nothing else, helping other people to achieve their health and fitness goals gives you a great sense of satisfaction.