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Planning a Fail-proof Workout Schedule with personal trainer Sydney

Whatever type of workout you decide on, the important thing is to be consistent. Different people with different schedules will plan their workouts to suit their schedules. So whether you decide to work out in the mornings, afternoons or late evenings – it does not matter. As mentioned herein above you can achieve a fail-proof workout if you approach the same with consistency and resolve.

What level are you on the exercise circuit – a beginner, intermediate or advanced?

  • If you are a beginner just starting a programme with Dangerously Fit Personal Training, it will not matter what time of the day you schedule for working out. You may find you have a half hour or so free in the afternoons, it would be good to use that time. However once you fix a time you should do your utmost to keep to it.
  • If you fall in the intermediate category, have you been able to regularly work out? If not, why? If it is some family activity that prevented you from keeping up with the workout schedule try to find another convenient time. Early mornings seem to be the popular choice to train with personal trainer Sydney for working people, housewives etc.
  • As an advanced disciple of fitness you will have years of training behind you. It is because of your commitment to working out that you have reached the advanced stage and are enjoying the fruits of your efforts. So timings and schedules hold no cause of concern for you.

Scheduling training hours

Once the day gets moving – say after breakfast – time seems to get gobbled up with a whole lot of chores – some regular, others unexpected. Keeping this in mind if you decide to start fitness training in Sydney, you should look at the early morning hours when many people are still asleep. Besides the no-disturbance you might enjoy working out early mornings, a few other benefits are:

  • Your insulin sensitivity is improved
  • You get energised to face the day
  • Your metabolism gets a kick start with better brain functioning
  • Facing less chances of any disturbances you can stick better to your training routine.

If working out early mornings is not convenient, you could look at doing fitness training some time during the day. Work-outs in the afternoons with Dangerously Fit Personal Training appear to have a few benefits as under:

  • The body’s muscle activation is at its max in the afternoons.
  • Regular movement also makes the body warmer for exercising, thus lessening the chances of any injury. However in spite of this you still need to do a dynamic warm-up – something required whenever you work out.
  • The internal clock in the body also points to the afternoon as being the best time to work out.


However it does not matter which category you fall into and which time of the day is more convenient for you to work out. These are subjective parameters. What is important is that you need to be consistent and earnest about your efforts when working out with a personal trainer.